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May, 2024

SSA Swarm FC


Intrepid Sports and Brentford FC of the English Premier League Announce Partnership to  Launch "Swarm FC

[Atlanta, GA] – Intrepid Sports and Brentford FC of the English Premier League are delighted to  announce a partnership to establish a new soccer ecosystem across the United States: Swarm  FC.  

This innovative collaboration brings together the expertise, resources, and passion of two  established organizations to create a dynamic platform for soccer development, player pathways  and coach education. 

This partnership will see coaches from the USA receive specialized training from Brentford FC,  to support their coaching education and experience. Select players will have the opportunity to  visit the UK for training sessions, friendly matches, and Premier League experiences, while  coaches and technical staff from Brentford will conduct clinics and training sessions in the USA.  In addition, signed merchandise from Brentford FC will be provided for fundraising in the local  area. 

As part of this collaboration, Intrepid Sports and Brentford FC have recognized the dominant youth  club, Southern Soccer Academy, as their flagship club. SSA will now become Southern Soccer 


Academy Swarm FC (“SSA Swarm FC”) for the 2024-2025 season. The Atlanta-based organization, which currently boasts over 12,000 active members across the state of Georgia will  begin its rebranding with Swarm FC with immediate effect.  

Swarm FC emerges as a testament to the shared vision of Intrepid Sports and Brentford FC to  foster excellence and opportunity in the realm of soccer. By combining their strengths, these  organizations aim to elevate the sport while nurturing talent and inspiring the next generation of  players. 

"Swarm FC represents an exciting and innovative opportunity in US soccer," says Lee Dykes,  Technical Director at Brentford FC. "We are excited to announce our partnership and collaborate  with Intrepid Sports and Southern Soccer Academy to bring our collective vision to life. Through  Swarm FC, we are taking the first steps to create a platform and pathway for the development of  players across the US”. 

Simon Davey, Executive Director of Southern Soccer Academy Swarm, said: "We are thrilled to  partner with Brentford FC, a club renowned for its innovative recruitment strategies and the  development of world-class players. This collaboration will enable us to integrate a pathway within  the Swarm FC model, offering US-based players an opportunity to reach the highest levels of 

world soccer. Since my arrival in the US in 2012, the vision has been to establish a club equipped  with the players, staff, facilities, and programs that provide a genuine pathway from recreational  soccer to the professional level. 

“Phase 1 focused on expanding our membership in Georgia, Phase 2 involved investing in our  staff infrastructure, and Phase 3 saw the enhancement of our home facility, Marathon Park. With  this new partnership, we are now embarking on Phase 4."  

As the newest addition to the US soccer scene, Swarm FC is poised to make a lasting impact,  both on and off the field. With current USL franchise properties (Southern Soccer Academy), such  as USL Boys and Girls Academy and Pre-Professional USL W League and USL League Two.  This partnership supports ambitions of bringing professional soccer to the Atlanta market.  

Swarm FC will serve as a hub for soccer development, offering a comprehensive range of  programs for players of all ages and skill levels. From grassroots initiatives to elite training  programs, Swarm FC will provide a supportive environment for players to grow, learn, and  succeed. 

"We are excited to start the Swarm FC project”, says Esmael Hill of Intrepid Sports. "Together  with Brentford FC and Southern Soccer Academy we will create a pathway for players to pursue  their dreams and reach their highest potential. Swarm FC will be more than just a soccer club – it  will be a catalyst for positive change and transformation in our communities." 

Swarm FC is set to make its mark on the US soccer landscape in 2024-2025, bringing a new era  of excellence, innovation, and opportunity to the sport. With the combined expertise and 


resources of Intrepid Sports, Southern Soccer Academy, and Brentford FC, Swarm FC is poised  to become a leader in soccer development. 

With Southern Soccer Academy signifying the initial Swarm FC partnership, future joint ventures  will be announced in the next phase of partnership growth. Clubs and parties interested in  learning more about a Swarm FC partnership are encouraged to contact Swarm FC expansion  management team: [email protected] 

For further inquiries, please contact:  

Swarm FC  

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.swarmfc.com 

Intrepid Sports 

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.intrepidsportsgroup.com 

SSA Swarm FC 

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.ssaelite.com

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