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Recreation Program Fees

Fees vary by location and age group. To view these fees, please click on 'Programs' above then the recreational program location of your choice. Players will typically not be assigned to a team until fees are paid in full.

Academy and Select Program Fees

For 2018/19 fee information, please click HERE. These fees cover all activities for both the Fall 2018 and the Spring 2019 seasons combined, though players joining the Academy program from our Recreational program during the mid-winter break will have their fees pro-rated by approximately 50%.

Given that the Academy/Select program is a year-long commitment for those players joining through May/June tryouts, please read below for important information regarding your financial obligations to the club.

Registration fees cover all the following: Field rental for City and County-owned complexes, state registration and insurance fees, referee fees, coach salaries and education, administration costs, pre-season team camp, extra optional training sessions.

They do not coverTournament expenses (both registration and coach expenses), uniform costs, discretionary indoor field rental.

Additional information regarding Academy and Select Fees:

Payment Schedule:

Southern Soccer Academy (SSA) fees can be paid in full or in a series of installments. Payment(s) can be made by cash, credit card or by post-dated checks. Payment plan options will include up to four post-dated checks or credit card transactions beginning with an amount payable at signing, followed by payments on August 1st, September 15th, and January 31st for U9 - U14 and up to three post-dated checks or credit card transactions beginning with an amount payable at signing, followed by payments on August 1st and September 15th for U15 and above.

SSA fees are similar to tuition in that they are not optional. If your child is unable to train for any reason including illness or injuries, except for injuries lasting more than three months, you will not receive a refund. Players who suffer serious injuries lasting more than three months though may submit a request to SSA administration for release of payment of fees for that period, though some fees such as the state registration fee are non-refundable.

Payment Default:

SSA is a not-for-profit membership organization and unpaid dues represent funds not available to meet annual Club expenses such as equipment repair and replacement, city-and-county field rental, state registration and insurance fees, referee fees, etc. Any player account that is delinquent by 7 days or more will be notified by the Club, and suspended from participating in any club/team activity. A late fee or a returned check fee of $25 will also be added to the installments. If you are having significant challenges with staying up-to-date with registration fees, please contact our administration staff. In limited instances, adjustments to your payment schedule may be possible, though cannot be guaranteed.

Release Policy:

If a player quits or wishes to be released from the Club, all fees to the SSA will need to be paid in full as per GYSA Rule 310.2d by credit card, money order or cash.

(310.2d Once a select program player is rostered to a team, that player's financial obligation as published by the club and accepted by the player must be satisfied before a transfer will be approved.)

Financial Aid:

SSA has developed a program that provides financial aid to qualifying youth athletes in order to play soccer. This program maintains confidentiality while assisting players with registration fees and some coaching fees. It does not cover the cost of uniforms, travel expenses and tournament fees. Request for financial aid will be based on a first-come, first-served basis and available funds are limited each year. Families receiving financial aid are required to volunteer additional hours to SSA. Financial Aid applications can be downloaded by clicking HERE, or requested from the club office by emailing [email protected] . Forms should be submitted to Sharon Gaughan ([email protected]) or mailed to the club office (40 Whitlock Place, Suite 200, Marietta, GA 30064) ASAP after tryouts are completed and roster spots are offered by coaches.

The amount of financial aid offered will not cover 100% of club fees and will not reduce fees beyond the fees charged for the equivalent Rec program age group, but is designed to make the program as affordable as possible given individual family circumstances. Factors such as family income (determined by documentation such as tax return information), family assets, including vehicles and property, and the number of years a family has been requesting financial aid will be factored into the process of calculating the amount of financial aid to be provided.  

Other Information:

Club policy is to allow coaches to train more than one of the club's teams. Therefore it is inevitable that team coaches will occasionally be unable to attend certain games. Every effort will be made by the Club to arrange for a suitable alternative staff member to coach the team on game day.

For 13U and older Select teams, tournament expenses (both coaching expenses and registration fees) will be shared among all the players, even if a player is unavailable for a particular tournament.

Select soccer is a competitive environment. Efforts are made to attract good soccer players during tryouts and throughout the year. Rosters can and will change.

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